Last Will and Testament Documents

A Last Will and Testament, or Will as it is more commonly referred to, allows you to declare your final wishes. A will allows you to decide who will be or will not be your heirs, what your heirs will inherit from you and even who will take care of your minor children when you die. Without a will, Indiana Law will determine who and what happens to your estate and your children.


Identify Your Heirs

Identify who you wish or do not wish to inherit from your estate when you die. Under Indiana Law only certain relatives are considered your heirs if you do not have a will. What property those heirs will inherit is also determined under Indiana Law, unless you have a will indicating your wishes.


Specify Gifts

Give specific gifts to your heirs if you wish. Identify who will inherit your house, your car, your photo albums, your doll collection and even your digital assets. Give monetary gifts to those who you feel will need the financial assistance.


Name Representatives and Trustees

Identify who you wish to handle the division and distribution of your estate. Name trustees to handle your trusts for the benefit of your loved ones. Select successors for your representatives and trustees to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

Minor Children

Identify Guardians:

Protect your minor children by selecting a person of your preference to take legal responsibility and care of your minor children when you die. When no other legal parent is living, a Court will appoint a guardian. Give the Court direction and identify who you feel is best suited to care and provide for your minor children.

Establish Long Term Care:

Establish a trust with the assets of your estate to help provide for the long-term financial well-being and security of your minor children. Name a trustee who is best able to be fiscally responsible to ensure that your children will have financial support from your estate for as long as possible.

Last Will and Testament Documents

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