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Why Special Warranty Deeds Aren’t that Special

It is common for a real estate purchaser to complete or accept a purchase agreement form without paying much attention to the seller’s obligation to execute and deliver a deed.  Often, a seller will agree to execute and deliver only

Uber, Virtual Law Offices & Ma Bell: Which One is Not Like the Others?

Innovation has been intensely analyzed and discussed as a topic in business schools, magazines and thousands of books.  Yet, innovation remains one of the most important subjects for business owners, because of the acceleration of development in products, services and

Title Insurance Essentials — PART 1

GRIFFITH LAW GROUP represents a large number of landlords, real estate investors and property managers. In our real estate law practice, we get asked a wide range of questions. In this article, we address a couple of important topics raised

Indiana Virtual Law Complies with ABA Guidelines

Not every law–related website follows the best practices and guidelines established by the American Bar Association.  Our website does.  Indiana Virtual Law has been carefully designed by the attorneys at Griffith Law Group to comply with two separate sets of

4 Reasons Probate is Actually Great

“Probate is so expensive.” “Probate takes forever.” “Probate is so intrusive.” “I really just want to avoid going to probate.” Sound familiar? If you’ve researched estate planning on the internet, you’ve probably noticed that probate gets a pretty bad rap—but

Why do I need Advance Directives and Powers of Attorney?

Advance directives and powers of attorney can be extremely useful estate planning tools. These documents are tools to assist you and your loved ones, should you become incapacitated (either mentally or physically) or when death is imminent. Advance Directives Generally

Why a Virtual Office Might Work For You

We started our virtual law office for two big reasons- #1- Not everyone needs or wants to pay a big fee to a lawyer to buy a simple document. Sometimes, you might know what you need and want, and you

Legal Resources

The American Bar Association recommends that Virtual Law Offices provide resources for clients who wish to perform their own legal services without the help of a lawyer.  Here is a list of legal resources that you might find helpful, particularly

5 Reasons Everyone Needs a Will

    1.  Avoid Intestate Succession Many people assume that simply verbally expressing to a friend or relative your wishes about how you would like to dispose of your estate will do the trick for estate planning. However, this is

Indiana’s 45-Day Letter Rule

Indiana, like many states, has a law governing the return of a residential tenant’s security deposit. This article is written for landlords and property managers who accept a tenant’s security deposit and must, therefore, comply with the Indiana law. Indiana’s