Estate Planning Assurance Plan


We believe it is important to reevaluate (and sometimes re-execute) your estate plan on an annual basis to determine if changes in your documents are appropriate in light of changes in your financial situation, family or health, or changes in the law.  Important life-changing events that might require changes in your estate plan include the birth of a child or grandchild, the death or disability of a loved one, a marital divorce or separation, etc. In order to address these issues and make the review process simple and cost-effective, our law firm has developed an Annual Assurance Plan. The Annual Assurance Plan allows clients to: Have their estate plan reviewed by an Indiana-licensed attorney every year; Confirm that their plan addresses any changes they have experienced over the prior year; Reaffirm their testamentary intent, thereby making it more difficult for disgruntled relatives to challenge their wills in court.

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