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Our Comprehensive Entity Formation Package provides “turn-key” formation services, meaning we complete all the tasks necessary to organize and form an Indiana Limited Liability Company (LLC). We will gather and analyze data on your company, and assess your needs for an entity based on your preliminary business plan, objectives and goals. We consider liability risks, ownership, control, logistics, succession goals, costs and tax concerns, and we teach you aspects of each such dynamic. Our primary objective is to empower you—the client—to comfortably choose the entity in which you want to operate the business.

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We prepare all the necessary papers to form and commence the entity. We draft all papers, give detailed signing instructions to you, and then process and file with the appropriate governmental offices all necessary documents and prepare an initial company record book.


The best part of this service is having a knowledgeable Indiana business attorney to review your business purpose and unique circumstances in order to select and form the correct entity. We do more than just draft and file documents for you. We select, draft, revise, file and record, as appropriate, all the documents necessary to form your Indiana entity and ready the entity for use in Indiana. We complete your initial company record book, which includes:

  • Articles of Organization or Incorporation
  • By-Laws or Operating Agreement – without unique buy-sell provisions
  • Certificate of Assumed Business Name
  • Registration of Assumed Business Names in each required county.
  • Establishing resolutions by shareholders, members, directors or managers.
  • Tax Identification Documents, including SS-4 forms to obtain an EIN. We obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number from the IRS for you.
  • Bills of Sale to transfer any tangible personal property to your entity.
  • A comprehensive general assignment of any contracts, leases, etc. to your entity.
  • Filing of the IRS Form 2553 (S-election) for either corporations or LLC’s structured as corporations for tax purposes


Confidence. Peace of mind.

Our Comprehensive Entity Formation Packages are designed to give you the peace of mind, knowing that you have a properly selected and formed an Indiana LLC. You won’t have to guess at these common mistakes made without the help of a skilled business attorney:

  • Do I need a corporation or LLC?
  • How do I structure ownership, management, etc.
  • Am I eligible to take the S-election?
  • Will my corporate veil be pierced?
  • What do I do or NOT do to protect myself against personal lawsuits?
  • Can I protect my corporation’s or LLC’s assets?

Our fees for these services are based on the added value we deliver, and not on the time we spend with the client. The value we provide is based on our experience, expertise, training and knowledge of the issues that confront small business owners.

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