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IndianaVirtualLaw is the website name for the virtual law offices of Griffith Law Group LLC, an Indiana law firm. This is our Virtual Law Office. Through this site, our law firm provides cost-effective and efficient, limited legal services pertaining to Indiana, Immigration, and federal Trademark Law. Limited legal services are sometimes also termed as “unbundled” legal services. This means that we provide only a limited scope of legal services as requested and purchased by you. Our relationship with you will not exceed the limited scope of work we have agreed to perform on your behalf. The Terms and Conditions published on this website dictate the extent of this relationship.

IndianaVirtualLaw is a virtual law practice, but we offer you the opportunity to retain our firm for more traditional full-service law services. Ask for legal services and receive a fixed price quote to receive legal advice or other legal services from an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Indiana. We tell you upfront what particular services will cost. If you approve of the quoted price and agree to the Terms and Conditions stated in the Limited Legal Services Agreement, click “accept” on your user login page and within a short time you will have the ability to pay for and receive the requested legal services. If we are unable to provide all of the necessary services related to your request, we will provide you, free of charge, with a referral to another Indiana attorney or to the Indiana Bar Association’s Referral Service.

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