Why a Virtual Office Might Work For You

Indiana state sealWe started our virtual law office for two big reasons-

#1- Not everyone needs or wants to pay a big fee to a lawyer to buy a simple document. Sometimes, you might know what you need and want, and you simply prefer to buy the document without spending the additional money to talk with a lawyer.

#2- You cannot trust every legal form you purchase from websites that are not operated by lawyers. WE ARE INDIANA LAWYERS, AND THESE ARE THE LEGAL FORMS WE USE IN OUR TRADITIONAL LAW PRACTICE. There are some very good online services that produce good documents. We like Legal Zoom and Rocket Lawyer in particular. Unfortunately, there are many other online forms companies that do not produce good legal forms that have been reviewed by Indiana lawyers.

An Indiana Virtual Law Office

Indiana Virtual Law is an online Indiana law service operated by Indiana lawyers. Every form available on this website was written by a knowledgeable practicing Indiana attorney.  Our legal forms have been written for Indiana clients and Indiana transactions. We have completed 1,000’s of transactions using the forms on this website, and we have successfully defended or prosecuted 1,000’s of claims in Indiana courts using the forms available through this web service. You do NOT have to guess or hope that our forms comply with Indiana law or will be enforceable in an Indiana courtroom. We have already tested these forms 1,000’s of times and have written these forms specifically to be compliant with Indiana law.

Not every law-related website follows the Best Practices Guidelines passed by the American Bar Association.  We do and more.  To read about the ABA’s Best Practices Guidelines, read our article Indiana Virtual Law Complies with ABA Guidelines.

The Nature of Unbundled Legal Services

“Unbundled legal services” refer to legal documents and services that you select or complete without consulting with a lawyer.  You should be cautious in using any legal form without consulting an attorney.  You might select the wrong document, or you might complete it incorrectly.  In other cases, you may need or want to record or file a document, while filing or recordation might harm you under other circumstances.  Knowing what to do and when to do it are an important parts of protecting your legal rights.  That is why we are always available for a consultation, and offer both unbundled services and more traditional lawyer-assisted services.

Control Your Legal Costs

A virtual law office staffed with licensed attorney, as opposed to a mere “legal form site,” allows you to use a lawyer’s assistance as much or as little as you choose, which enables you to control your costs.  You can control, as you determine appropriate, legal self-help and costs.  If you need more assistance, you can purchase help from one of our lawyers in 30-minute increments, allowing you to control the costs.  You purchase as much or as little professional help as you think you need.  That way, you will never be unpleasantly surprised to receive a large bill from an attorney.

If you need more traditional legal services, we are here to help.  Just contact us, and we will prepare our standard engagement letter for you.

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