Entity & Estate Plan Maintenance

Signing a will or trust is an important accomplishment. So too is forming a corporation or limited liability company. Unfortunately, estate plans and limited liability entities require regular and consistent maintenance.That’s why Griffith Xidias Law Group offers cost-effective maintenance plans for your estate and asset protection plans.


Updating Your Estate Plan

We recommend that you meet with these key advisors at least once annually to review your estate and financial plans-your CPA, your insurance agent, your financial advisor and your attorney. We make the process of reviewing your legal needs easy through our annual review services.


Protecting Your Corporate Veil

A limited liability entity provides a “corporateveil” that shields us and our personal assets from our business risks. But, legal entities must be maintained and properly operated. When we meet with our clients, we make sure that “corporate veil” remains intact to protect our clients from their business risks.

Things Change. It’s Inevitable.

Everyone’s circumstances change over time, and those changes present challenges and opportunities. Loved ones die. Children and grandchildren are born. Marriages fail, and others are formed. We meet with many of our clients at least once annually to assess the impact of life changes on our clients’ estate and asset protection plans.

LLC Maintenance Plan


Estate Maintenance Plan


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