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Since our founding in 2010, our law firm has been dedicated to helping small business owners, entrepreneurs and real estate investors. As you have grown, so have we. We have an affinity for two special groups of Americans- Entrepreneurs &

“End of Life Plans”- What Happened When Robert Died Without a Plan

Everyone needs an “End of Life Plan” to ease the tasks our loved ones must complete after we pass away. An “End of Life Plan” can be simple or complex, depending the complexity of your assets and family composition. For

4 Reasons Probate is Actually Great

“Probate is so expensive.” “Probate takes forever.” “Probate is so intrusive.” “I really just want to avoid going to probate.” Sound familiar? If you’ve researched estate planning on the internet, you’ve probably noticed that probate gets a pretty bad rap—but

Why do I need Advance Directives and Powers of Attorney?

Advance directives and powers of attorney can be extremely useful estate planning tools. These documents are tools to assist you and your loved ones, should you become incapacitated (either mentally or physically) or when death is imminent. Advance Directives Generally

5 Reasons Everyone Needs a Will

    1.  Avoid Intestate Succession Many people assume that simply verbally expressing to a friend or relative your wishes about how you would like to dispose of your estate will do the trick for estate planning. However, this is

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