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Help for Heros Program

Since our founding in 2010, our law firm has been dedicated to helping small business owners, entrepreneurs and real estate investors. As you have grown, so have we. We have an affinity for two special groups of Americans- Entrepreneurs &

Can I Sue That Guy in Indiana?

INDIANA LAW UPDATE When you sign a contract, do you read it to determine where a dispute under the contract must be litigated? Or mediated, if mediation is required? Or arbitrated, if arbitration is required? Many contracts contain two clauses

Indiana Virtual Law Complies with ABA Guidelines

Not every law–related website follows the best practices and guidelines established by the American Bar Association.  Our website does.  Indiana Virtual Law has been carefully designed by the attorneys at Griffith Law Group to comply with two separate sets of

Fully Virtual Law Office Is Launched in Indiana

UPDATE: August 2010 –  Attorney Tiffany Vivo was appointed as a Marion County Commissioner and stopped practicing private law.  Her law firm was merged into her husband’s law firm, Griffith Law Group LLC, operated by Senior Attorney Matthew A. Griffith. 

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