Fully Virtual Law Office Is Launched in Indiana

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August 2010 –  Attorney Tiffany Vivo was appointed as a Marion County Commissioner and stopped practicing private law.  Her law firm was merged into her husband’s law firm, Griffith Law Group LLC, operated by Senior Attorney Matthew A. Griffith.  This Virtual Law Office website is now administered and offered by Griffith Law Group LLC, and the service offerings on this site have been expanded.



Indianapolis, IN: February 1, 2010 – Tiffany U. Vivo, an Indianapolis attorney and Managing Partner of Vivo Law Offices, LLC announced today the launch of Indiana’s first fully virtual law office (VLO) in Indiana.

A virtual law office (VLO) is a web-based law practice that enables clients and lawyers to communicate through encrypted messages from any web access point at times convenient for the client and typically at reduced costs.  A VLO is not a website operated by non-lawyers selling legal documents, such as Legal Zoom.  Rather, a VLO is a licensed law office that uses the web to facilitate attorney-client communications and the safe exchange of data and documents with a licensed attorney.

“By eliminating expensive law offices, large staffs and other unnecessary overhead, our VLO can deliver cost-effective legal services from Indiana-licensed attorneys at lower costs,” explained Vivo.  Increasingly, consumers are turning to the Internet for solutions to legal, medical, home improvement, car repair and other problems. “A VLO is not right for every client, but VLO’s do offer many clients access to a knowledgeable and experienced attorney, and good legal documents at a fraction of the cost,” Ms. Vivo further explained.

The other huge advantage of a virtual law office is convenience.  A virtual law office can be accessed by a client anytime from anywhere the Internet is available.   “There is no doubt that clients expect more convenience.  Many clients do not want to drive in downtown traffic, find parking and then fight crowds and elevators just to see their lawyer,: noted Matthew Griffith, an Indianapolis attorney who often meets clients away from his downtown office.  “Coffee shops are my office away from the office,” Griffith added.
“It is important that any law virtual firm office strictly adhere to the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct and the Best Practice Guidelines for Legal Information Web Site Providers written by the E-Lawyering Task Force of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Section and the ABA Standing Committee On the Delivery of Legal Services,” said Ms. Vivo.

About Tiffany U Vivo, Attorney:  Tiffany U. Vivo is an Indiana attorney.  At her physical law office, she practices immigration and family law.  Through her VLO- IndianaVirtualLaw.com-  she provides immigration, business, real estate, trademarks and family law services.

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