Questionnaire to form an Indiana limited liability company

CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to form an Indiana limited liability company (“LLC”). Used properly, an Indiana LLC will provide you with certain asset protection features without subjecting you to additional taxes. So, it is always wise to use a limited liability entity to organize your business operations.
GRIFFITH LAW GROUP LLC is pleased to have the opportunity to assist you in this matter. This form will allows us to collect accurate and necessary data to form your entity and complete your company record book. Most of these questions are required, but a few are optional. We have included instructions that will assist you in answering these questions. However, feel free to email us in the event you have any questions or concerns.

WE STRONGLY urge you to read these questions briefly before you begin to answer them. Then, gather all the data and documents you will need to answer the questions, before you start this process. You might need to research your answers before you begin. For example, you might need to gather the full legal names, addresses and social security numbers of all company owners before you start this questionnaire. Once you have gathered all the required data, you can begin to complete this form.

Once you have completed the form. Please submit the form as instructed, and your answers will be emailed to us. We will then begin the formation of your entity and the creation of your company record book. While we are fairly efficient and quick at forming limited liability entities, we do require certain governmental agencies to process and return forms to us. That can take weeks. So, please be patient. As soon as the various governmental agencies return all the necessary forms to us, we will send you a completed company record book. In the interim, you may need basic company documents to open a bank account or complete a business or real estate transaction. In those cases, we can promptly provide you with articles of incorporation/organization, a certificate of formation from the Indiana Secretary of State and your EIN. If you need these basic entity formation documents immediately, please let us know.

Thank you for choosing the GRIFFITH LAW GROUP LLC for this important business matter- the formation of your limited liability entity. We look forward to working with you on this matter.

– The attorneys & staff at GRIFFITH LAW GROUP LLC

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