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Why a Virtual Office Might Work For You

We started our virtual law office for two big reasons- #1- Not everyone needs or wants to pay a big fee to a lawyer to buy a simple document. Sometimes, you might know what you need and want, and you

Legal Resources

The American Bar Association recommends that Virtual Law Offices provide resources for clients who wish to perform their own legal services without the help of a lawyer.  Here is a list of legal resources that you might find helpful, particularly

5 Reasons Everyone Needs a Will

    1.  Avoid Intestate Succession Many people assume that simply verbally expressing to a friend or relative your wishes about how you would like to dispose of your estate will do the trick for estate planning. However, this is

Indiana’s 45-Day Letter Rule

Indiana, like many states, has a law governing the return of a residential tenant’s security deposit. This article is written for landlords and property managers who accept a tenant’s security deposit and must, therefore, comply with the Indiana law. Indiana’s

What is a Virtual Law Office?

A Virtual Law Office (VLO) is a website by which a licensed attorney or law firm delivers limited scope legal services (often called unbundled services) for a reduced fee.  A VLO is not simply an online forms company operated by

Do I Need to Register My Business in Indiana?

If you own a for profit corporation formed in a state other than Indiana and are conducting business in Indiana, you likely own a “foreign corporation” that must obtain authorization to conduct business in the state.  Indiana law clearly states

Trademark Law Basics

A trademark is any name, symbol, figure, letter, word, or mark adopted and used by a manufacturer or merchant in order to designate his or her goods, and to distinguish them from those manufactured or sold by others. A service

Indiana Corporations- Piercing the Corporate Veil

In a 2005, Court of Appeals case, Brant v. Krilich, the Court listed the eight factors and described the standard by which a corporate veil could be pierced: In deciding whether a plaintiff has met the burden to pierce the

Fully Virtual Law Office Is Launched in Indiana

UPDATE: August 2010 –  Attorney Tiffany Vivo was appointed as a Marion County Commissioner and stopped practicing private law.  Her law firm was merged into her husband’s law firm, Griffith Law Group LLC, operated by Senior Attorney Matthew A. Griffith. 

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